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Autorickshaws are the major means of transport in our Guntur city because of the absence of city buses.If we lost something in an auto it was difficult to find again and the police find a great difficult to find throgh CC Cameras.This problem gonna end soon with the introduction of Auto Numbering System.

Every auto driver has a unique QR code,driver identity number linked to the Aadhar card.All these details are uploaded in Transport department portal.If we ever lost anything or if we have any problem we have to take snap of the QR code and send it to police.The police will trace the auto through QR reader app.

In the absence of an efficient public transport system, autorickshaws have become the most popular mode of transport serving students, employees and others. The police introduced the numbering system in the past but that had failed to serve the purpose in the absence of a proper identification system.

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