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Pranay Perumalla,a 24 year old newly married guy who belongs to dalit community was hacked to death near Jyothi hospital,Miryalaguda.A unknown guy stabbed him infront of his wife.It was alleged that this was an honour killing by father of his wife who was not happy for their marriage.

Pranay and Amrutha were so close from their school days.Their closeness turned into love in Hyderabad.Pranay studied Engineering in Srinidhi institute of technology and Amrutha did an UG course in International Institute of Fashion Design in Hyderabad.Caste became a barrier for their marriage as Amrutha belongs to Vaishya community and Pranay belongs to Mala(Dalit) community.After knowing about their love Amrutha’s parents locked her in their house for six months.As both parents didn’t agree to their marriage they eloped and married in Arya Samaj.However Pranay parents accepted and conducted a reception function after the marriage.No member from Amrutha’s family attended to it.It was alleged that Amrutha’s father hired an assailant to murder Pranay for his honour.Amrutha was 3 months pregnant and this murder happened right after the couple met gynaecologist.

By this incident we can have a doubt.Are we living in barbaric age?What is the honour in killing a person in the name of caste.This incident was barbaric and cruel.It proves that caste was more deeply rooted in our society even morethan what we can imagine.

We are quoting ourselves that country was moving forward in all aspects.By the latest Supreme court decision about section 377 we celebrated that we are broadening our mindsets.But incidents like these always reminds us what we really are.We have discrmination in every level whether it was religion,region,caste,group etc and Caste discrimination was worst of all and we are the best in practicing it.

We vote by caste,we select our favourites by caste and by doing all these we also spread hatred among other castes.Now even there is a situation we have to love only our caste people.What a pity situation we are living in.People post on Facebook about removing reservations and they never talk about how they are discriminating other caste socially and mentally.

Unless there is a change in our mindset we cannot make ourselves clean from this mud which sticked to us from so long ago.This is the time we have to clean ourselves.Inter caste marriages have to be encouraged and the govt should implement laws according to it.

When an incident happens we raise a discussion and after two days we don’t even care about until the next new incident.We change dp but we cannot change our mindset.People like Pranay are losing their lives in our country in the name of honour killings.We cannot bring them back but at least we should get Justice to them.

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