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A dodger from Guntur named Kore Rangababu cheated Russian Embassy in New Delhi and escaped with 28lakh rupees.He was caught by Telangana police in Guntur yesterday.

Russian Embassy called tenders in online for installing RADAR services in their office.Kore Rangababu was the CEO of a company named KRB GEO services in Sarur Nagar,Hyderabad.He grabbed the tender through online and demanded money before the completion of work.Russian embassy paid 28lakhs to him.Then he escaped by disconnecting all the ways of communicating him.Embassy tried in different ways to contact him but they failed.They complained Telangana Police regarding this issue.

After investigation Ranga Babu got arrested in Guntur by the Police.The police made Ranga Babu to return money to embassy.The Embassy officers thanked the police for their efforts.

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