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Pollution had became a major challenge now a days.The excessive usage of fuel motor vehicles releases a huge amount o pollutants in atmosphere.In tirumala the usage of vehicles by piligrims was increased leading to pollution on the hill.In order to counter it RTC was going to launch Electric bus between Tirupati-Tirumala.A bus made by Goldstone company was going for a trail run this saturday with the company and RTC officials.After the trial runs, a report will be sent to RTC headquarters to take a final decision on the launch of the bus.

This bus has many features such as taking complete care to the environment and there will be no harmful emissions. It is safer with battery management system technology and reliable with longer battery life time.The drivers are given training to handle these buses.

According to the officials this bus was 9 metres long and has 36 seats.For one full charge it can travel upto 250km.It can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours.One of such bus was already  operated on Manali-Rohtang pass route which is world’s highest altitude. A separate charging point was provided for the electric bus at RTC-1 depot garage here. The bus has got the formal approval of RTA, Tirupati and RTC officials secured necessary permissions from TTD authorities too.After Tirumala this buses was going to be run in Amaravati too.

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