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TADEPPALLI RURAL (Mangalgiri): A horrible incident happened in Penumaka village located in Guntur district. An elderly man committed a sexual assault (raped) on an innocent child (9). This incident came to light late. According to the police, the little girl’s parents are daily wagers. They have a daughter and she’s studying in a local government school. On the day of going to school on a regular basis, Kanappati Anandaravasamy of the same village stopped the girl. He asked her to come into his house.But she refused to go. He then suddenly took the child away and raped her on the roof of his house.

Shortly afterwards, the girl who escaped from him was crying and strangled home. The parents who had already completed their works came to the house and asked her what happened ?. She explained that incident and cried.



The angry Parents went to the house of the accused and attacked him. Subsequently, a complaint was lodged at the police station. The police registered the case and the girl was rushed to Guntur Government Hospital for medical examinations. The girl’s parents said that the accused had two daughters and demanded that he should be punished to the core.

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