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What’s the meaning of humanity when a father tries to sell his own son. A situation in Guntur Government hospital made everyone shock .Nagamma hailing from Adusumillu village which is located in prakasam district was half burned and undergoing treatment since 20days in Guntur Government Hospital. On daily rounds, Doctor Yenamala kishore observed a boy crying and asked him what makes you cry . He bursted his inner feelings to the staff and the doctor of GGH that his own father tries to sell him and am out of help . harshith was only 11 years old and his aim is to become a doctor. By listening to his words, everyone in GGH started crying ..My grandmother is the only hope and supports me in every situation. She recently had a quarrel with my father regarding my future.It went wide and by listening to my father words, that i will sale my son immediately .She attempted suicide by pouring kerosene on her and burnt her self .Soon, i tried to stop the fire ,but she was 50% burnt. We rushed her to this hospital and now she is undergoing treatment from 20 days. I don’t know what to do if i lose my grandmother.By listening to his words Dr.Yenamela Kishore decided to take him to the higher officials where this child gets a bright future.



He took the boy to Minister Ravela kishore babu and explained the situation.He also requested to help this boy. Minister asked the boy, what do you want to become. By listening to his words, he happily replied that he wants to become a doctor. Minister was very happy and promised to the doctor that i will take care of his studies and in any situation i will be back of him. I will make his father to meet me and ask what is the reason beyond and i will make him to sit tight and with my influence i will change him and make him to take care of his boy and his grandmother.


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