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Horrific accident in telangana claims five lives. Exact location of this accident took place at kamareddy in Nizamabad. By watching the video, we can say that Maruti alto was crushed between two trucks. . We can also say that car was over speeding and the mistake was completely laid on the car driver.Among 5 there is a 17 year old girl who lost her life. Who is driving the car, how did he try to cross the divider that to truck on his right side turning the same direction.Everyone, by watching this video had to learn a lesson that not to drive very fast. I even can’t explain this situation with my words. Here,watch the video:::::Warning,soft hearted people are requested not to watch this video


Please drive safe and don’t let your parents receive your last call. Drive careful and follow the rules. Observe the vehicles side to you and cross the road. Wear helmets while you are driving two wheelers.

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