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A mother commits suicide while her own sons are watching. This incident proves that humanity is vanishing day by day.Our responsibility is not taking care of wife and children, we should take care of our parents when they become old. Source say that in many cases, wife’s doesn’t allow her aunt(husband’s mom) to stay with them. The same incident happened here. Bashir(55) from Kondrumatla village in Guntur district gave birth to two boys and taken care of them as every mother do. Boys grew up and as usual, they got married and moved to separate homes. Everything is good until Bashirun’s husband died 10 years ago. She used to live in two sons home vice versa.But her sons did not remember her love and let their mother commit suicide in front of them. This incident left everyone so sad. How can a son let his mother die.The reason behind her suicide is horrible. Bashir had been living in her sons home from 10 years after her husband had left her alone. But a common problem in our society is that wife’s are not letting their aunt(husband’s mother) in their homes.In this incident, wife’s of both sons gave warning to their husbands that she should not stay in our house So, sons of Bashir had been discussing on this matter. Soon after, a big quarrel went on between them that keep the mother in our house and both after some time declared that they won’t keep their mother in either of their houses. By listening to these words, their mother was depressed and thought that she was a pain for her sons and told them that she is not an interest to live in this world and reached to the terrace of opposite building and fell down while her sons are watching. They did not even go after their mother while she was reaching the terrace.Both should be considered as morons and no heart in them.She left her body soon after falling from the building.


Final word, Don’t leave your mom until her last breath. In my opinion, the wife is not important than our mother.If you have the same situation in the house.Make your wife understand and explain her. If she doesn’t accept your mom to stay in-house.Leave her and be happy with your mother until her last breath. Same is applicable for husbands also those who don’t let their wife’s mom stay in his home. Leave him and be happy, He will realize what he lost and come’s to you. Don’t leave your parents and make them stay in orphanage home. Don’t make your mother commits suicide by your nature.Your behaviour towards your parents decides your way to hell or heaven.

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