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A big leap was taken towards improvising Guntur sanitation and waste management.Latest technology was introduced for cleanliness in our Guntur.

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags were introduced to around 65000 households in our Guntur for better waste collection.“GMC will use RFID technology to effectively monitor the collection of waste. It will enable us to get an idea about the number of households covered during the day,’’said Municipal Commissioner C. Anuradha.

The GMC has divided the city into 740 micro pockets and each micro pocket would cover 840 houses.The door to door collection by 2000 workers in 54 wards hasnt yielded better results.

Sanitation became a major problem in our city and many methods are introduced for waste management.Two bin system green for wet waste and red for dry waste has been introduced.But it was not at all succeeded.Around 400 tonnes of waste was generated in our city by there was no efficient model for waste management.

The GMC has tied up with Jindal Energy Ltd, and the firm has promised to set up a 15 MW waste-to-energy plant on the outskirts of the city. With land acquisition getting delayed, the firm is yet to start its operations.

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