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Reliance Industries chairman and managing director Mukhesh Ambani met our CM Chandrababu Naidu at Interim Government Complex(IGC),Velagapudi on tuesday.He was going to set up an Electronic park in 150 acres and going to start a mobile manufacturing unit.It was going to produce 1 lakh mobiles in a month.He expressed his interest in investing agriculture,health and education sectors in the state.Appreciating the Chief Minister’s efforts, Mr Ambani said there is a need to establish private capital, parallel to people’s capital to attain international attention and investments.CBN explaines him about fibre grid and how he explained it to his father in 1999 itself.He also discussed about swiss challenges and various aspects of Amaravati.

Reacting to this Ambani told officials that Mr Naidu had visited their place to look at the refinery, during which he had convinced his father on the potential of fibergrid.Appreciating the CM’s efforts, he praised him saying he was ahead of us and no country had achieved this.

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