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If we have any problem we will go to the doctor,but if the doctors themselves are facing struggle then it was a serious condition.AP Junior doctors are in strike from the past 7 days to fulfill their demands regarding stipends and licenses after completing MBBS degree.

Behind every doctor there is a lot of struggle during their college in academics.It was not so easy to complete medicine degree.But even after such struggle they have to face more sproblems from the govt in getting their medical licenses and their stipends.After completing MBBS they have to do services in rural areas for 3 years in order to get their license as a doctor.The junior doctors are demanding to reduce it to one year.They are not receiving stipends properly for their service in hospitals from the last 4 years. The neighbouring state Telangana had already established a committee on this forcible rural service to PG students and realised that this decision was not good to either for the government or for the PG students. There are several talks happened between Director of Medical Education(DME) and AP Junior Doctors Association(APJUDA).But their talks failed as both sides stick to their guns.

Whenever they are performing a strike the politicians are giving a word but it was never transforming into reality.Even health minister Kamineni Srinivas was resigned leaving them in stake.Vexed with all the problems APJUDA decided to go on strike boycotting all medical provisions except emergeny cases.They are deciding to intensify this agitation boycotting emergency services inorder to fulfill their demands.


The patients are facing a lot of problems and huge pressure falling on professors and assistant professors in the absence of Junior doctors.

The demands of APJUDA were genuine and they dont have any support from any media as this was not controversial.It is our duty to stand behind and support them in the time of crisis.

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