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Recently a video of a man got hit by train while taking selfie with the running train went viral on social media.This video shows the immaturity and carelessness of youth in a temptation to take selfies.

The man in the video was Shiva from hyderabad.He was warned by other men while taling selfie but he ignored them and pointed his right hand to the train amd tried to took selfie with right hand.Even he did not care the train whistle.The train hit him and fell aside and he suferred  a serious head injury.He was taken to Railway Hospital and treated there.By gods grace he was safe without any danger.

A case under 147 Indian Railways act was filed on him under the accusation of tresspassing.He was fined Rs.500.The police gave counselling to him.

Youth gone mad in desire to take selfies in extreme situations and losing their lives.They are not realising that the selfie they took was happening to be their last photo after death.

Check the video here.Plzz dont do this silly stunts it costs ur life and cause misery to ur parents.

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