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An old man sexual assault on babies whom he should play with them. This incident happened last Tuesday when a woman asked her child about her stomach pain and found that they were sexually assaulted.The girl’s parents immediately complained to the Lala Petta police station in Guntur. Jani Basha, an elder of Lalapeta Chinna Bazaar in Guntur, lives as a mediator for marriages. He is home alone after his wife’s death. Johnny Basha had 4 daughters and all are married.Coming to this incident, There were three girls aged 3 to 4 years in his colony who was playing near his home.He took them into his house on November ending and sexually assaulted them.

He showed them blue film videos on the cell phone and behaved with girls as well.He also threatened them not to tell their parents about this incident. A girl who was sexually assaulted suffered from a stomach pain a week ago. Then her mother asked her what happened? –the real truth got revealed. The neighbours also told her mother that He had behaved similarly with all other girls in the colony. On Monday, Jani Basha was spotted on Lalapeta Chinna Bazaar and the colony members stopped him and were about to question him. At the same time, Johnny Basha’s(Old man) relatives came and took him away.

Colony members complained to the Lala Petta police station. Police have registered a case against Johnny Basha under the Act of Protection of Children from Sexual Assault (POXO).

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