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As we are watching everyday about the pollution of air with smog and dust in National capital Delhi now even our Guntur has a chance to get affected to it.The Central Pollution Control Board stated that the smog and dust in the air are increasing rapidly in both Guntur and Vijayawada.This creates panic situation in our officials.

The CPCB conducts survey on smog and dust content in air in every city and submit a report.From April to November the pollution content is about 65 to 75 percent in our Guntur.If it is less than 60 percent there is no harm to health of people.But these stats shows the severeness of situation.

The incomplete underground works everywhere in the city creating more dust.The vehicles that are travelling on that working roads uplifting dust into the air.No proper maintenance of roads and many other incomplete works are reasons for this air pollution.

The GMC officials should take measures to control this smog and dust in the air.

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