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Ramesh hospitals was one of the biggest private super speciality in Guntur. Senior paediatric cardiac surgeons at Ramesh Hospitals have successfully performed a coronary bypass surgery to a 7 old boy who is a Nigerian.

Bankole Assumpta Uluamma, whose son Adesina Chigozirim Bankole, was born with a heart problem.Doctors in Nigeria suggested him a surgery.The family cannot bear the surgery expenses in US and UK so they came to India seeking medical help.

Internet search helped them and they came to our Guntur for treatment.A team of doctors, led by chief paediatric cardiac surgeon R. Benedict Raj and chief paediatric cardiologist Srinath Reddy, performed the surgeries.

“I should thank the staff at the hospital. They were so supportive in getting all the documentation done and I am happy with the facilities here,’’ Ms. Uluamma told the media on Tuesday.

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