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Education became a basic need these days.Government is taking measures to ensure every child in our state to have basic education.But to provide better education there is a need for better school.Poor people cannot afford fees in private schools.So their only solution is to join their children in government schools.But the govt schools buildings are very old and they are not equipped with all facilities.

A government school in Doppalapudi village which is 5kms distance from Ponnur is in critical condition from past 5-6 years.The school building was ruined.The students studying there in fear about the condition of building.

The students and teachers are requesting the higher officials of Ponnur mandal to renovate the building and to provide them basic amenites.We from our My Guntur team are requesting Ponnur MLA Dhoolopalla Narendra garu to take measures for renovation of building as soon as possible.

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