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The famous ISKCON golden temple construction was going on in Kondaveedu area from past 3 years.It was constructing in four phases.The 1st phase construction will be completed by this June.This phase was completed wit a cost of 150 crores.

The temple was in the shape of Golden and it was going complete in few days.In the first phase the construction of temple and 108 mandapas will be completed.The 108 mandapas will depict the pictures of spirtuality,ethics and culture.

There are four theatres to be constructed here connecting to the temple.Every theatre consists of a seating of around 150-200 seats.These theatres are constructed with latest technology to screen 3d and 4d movies.The movies that will educate us and motivate us in all aspects will be screened in these theatres.

No doubt his will be a major tourist attraction in Andhra Paradesh when it was completed.This temple will stood as crown jewel of tourism in our Guntur.

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