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Both Son and Daughter-in-law are the criminals. They both were hailing from Vinukonda staying at Seetharama Apartments.On 23rd, Maakineni Sathyasri(56) was murdered in the same apartment. Police arrested Sandeep(son of Sathya Sri) and sravya(wife of Sandeep) and interrogated them. They pretended that they are innocents and they don’t know what happened to her.The fact behind is unknown.


But, if a police interrogate in their special way. Every criminal will open his mouth speaking the truth. Sandeep and sravya revealed the truth by saying, We both have committed the crime by killing her and left her in the apartment. The reason behind her murder is very horrible. Sandeep(Son of the victim) is a lavish person and does nothing in his life. Sathya Sri(Mother of Sandeep) had been taking caring of him and his wife.Sandeep without any responsibilities had a debt of rupees (one crore) 1,00,00,000. Sathya Sri is having a daughter in U S A. She decided to stay with her.

Sandeep and Sravya thought that, how can we survive and clear our debts without her presence.So, they decided to kill her and Sathya Sri was busy packing her luggage. Sandeep and Sravya observing, went to her room and killed her by pressing the neck. She was collapsed with insufficient oxygen supply.After her death, they both vanished from their flat and neighbours in the apartment noticing no movement in their flat, smashed the door and Sathya Sri was lying dead.This incident is horrible to digest, said a neighbour.How can a son kill his own mother with help of his wife.Daughter in U S A by hearing this news arrived in India and she was very upset with his brother. She said police to kill him and his wife.I lost my mother because of these two criminals. I won’t leave this case until the current judgement is announced.

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