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Recent diarrhoea outbreak in Guntur resulted in 10 casualities.The negligence of some muncipal workers resulted in this crisis situation and govt is taking remedial measures inorder to control the situation.

Nine municipal employees of different cadres who are responsible for the diarrhoea outbreak are suspended from duties.Nursing students of two government colleges of nursing and four private colleges and also ANMs surveyed the affected areas like Anandapet, Vadderagudem, Manthri vari Veedhi, Redla Bazar, Balaji Nagar, Christian Peta, Pala Hospital, Bara Imam Panja and Lanchester Road.

Water supply is made through 71 tankers of different capacity with 12,000 litres and 4,000 litres to all the affected areas.Chlorine tablets and ORS packets are also distributed to all the households in the affected areas.All public taps are disconnected and new water supply connections are being given to nearby houses.

Municipal Administration Minister P Narayana has said that the old water supply lines laid 40 years back will be replaced soon. He said that the officials prepared estimates for providing new water supply lines for a length of 119 km in the affected areas, at a cost of Rs 10 crore.

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