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Under Ground Drainage(UGD) pipeline works was started in our Guntur city was started in October 2016.This was started with an aim to promote better health and facilities for our Guntur citizens.This was targetted to be completed by November 2018,but still only around 35% was only completed.These became a major hurdle for the development in the city and created a lot of inconvenience among public.A lot of infrastructure was crippled and not even a half of the work was completed in the past 18 months.Now it was summer season so they have to accelerate the speed of the works as it is difficult to work on rainy season.

Our collector reveiwed these UGD works 6 months ago a targetted to complete 3.5 km works per day.The contractor, who moved additional machinery and men to the city following the collector’s instructions, had now moved away the machinery from the city within three months. At present, the contractor is just completing 1.5-1.8km per day work against the target of 3.5 km.

 “The firm is yet to complete nearly 658 km of pipeline work to bring the entire system into operation and it will easily take another 24-30 months as it might not be easy to handle the work in the monsoon season,” said a senior official of GMC. He said that the contractor had failed to utilise the absence of rains in the last 6-8 months to speed up the works to make up for the delay already caused.
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