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Farmers are the reason we live every day happy

Farmers are the reason we eat and live a happy life.But they spend their whole life farming the fields and don’t even have enough money to eat and they commit suicides.But now our government had done well after they lost hope on their lands which give food to them.

Land acquisition

It refers to acquire land from public to develop a city or to build new industries and give compensation to the owners who lost their land.In some cases, the lost land area will be compensated outside of the city.

Now coming to Andhra Pradesh. We all know that APCRDA(Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority) is pushing the scale to develop a new capital to reach metropolis in no time.But coming to land acquisition,1000’s of acres are acquired from the public and left without compensating.Before the acquisition, it released a plan that no one will be affected with this, we are going to compensate your lost land area in the capital region. APCRDA requested farmers are requested to bring the details of their lost lands and to book their new plots before 10th of this month i.e May 2016.But some of them struggled to reach there on time.It may be difficult in getting their own papers of their land. But the government had given them last chance and extended the date to 20th May 2016.

We need to appreciate each and every farmer leaving their lands in need to develop our new capital Amaravathi. Do you all know, farmers from 29 villages gave their land for development of our capital.Who said that we don’t strive to see our new capital.Good news is that our chief minister N.Chandra Babu Naidu ordered  APCRDA to give more area to affected farmers who lost their land.For example, if a farmer lost 25, He will be awarded 50 means double of the lost land.


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