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Piduguralla police filed a complaint against two persons Ashabi and Nandu the human trafficking to gulf.They lured the local village girls in the name of lucrative salary jobs and send them to Gulf countries.The husband helped police in busting this racket run by his wife.

According to the report, Masthan Vali and Ashabi were staying in Piduguralla village for the past few years. However, the couple seperated due to some domestic dispute.
A few days later, Masthan approached the police and told them that his wife runs a human trafficking racket through which she sends girls to Dubai on the pretext of providing them employment. But, after reaching Dubai, the girls are forced into prostitution.

One of the girls told police that after reaching Dubai in search of a better future, she stayed with Ashabi’s sister Ashiqui. She alleged that Ashiqui runs a brothel in the city. The girl said that Ashiqui offered her a lucrative salary if she followed her instructions.The girl stayed there for seven months but never received the promised money. Feeling cheated and dejected, she returned to her village.

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