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Hyderabad, comedian, director Vijay Sai Ravi Babu said that the death of the Vijay is heartbreaking. He remembered Vijay, trained him in acting and introduced him to film industry. Ravi Babu said that Vijay had committed suicide after the film’s prospects. On Tuesday evening he attended the funeral of Vijay Sai and spoke to the media for a while.

My unforgettable relationship with him was: “Vijay’s death is unforgettable for me. He was like a baby. I  introduced him to the Telugu film industry. I found him struggling to find a role in movies. I spent a long time with him in my life. One of the greatest Quality in Vijay. He laughs at how painful it is. All the children are dying before the eyes of the Parent, the worst kind of pain that the parents will intake, “Ravi Babu said.

I changed his name after asking his dad:  ” After we shot the ammailu abbailu movie. Vijay’s father came to my home. He asked that his son should get a good name in the industry. Then I changed the name Sai Bhagwan to Vijayasai. I pray that he will have peace in his soul, “Ravi Babu said.

Selfie video before self-murder, comedian Kaley Vijayasai (40) on Monday committed suicide by hanging to a fan in his room in Yusufguda residing in an own flat. Prior to the assassination, Vijay said in a cellphone video that he had a life threat from his wife and other three thugs. The Jubilee Hills police are investigating the case as suspicious of the incident.

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