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Andhra pradesh’s new capital is creating problems in middle class people. Coming to house rent’s in అమరావతి area ,owners hiked the amount to double which is very uncomfortable for workers,employees.









Coming to Guntur and Vijayawada. Rents are circulating between 15,ooo to 30,000 .Single bedroom starting from 7000-10000,Double bedroom starting from 12000-16000,Three bedroom starting from 15000-25000,which is creating a serious problems in financial situations of a common man. In some villages located in amaravathi region.They are not even having correct transport facility,water supply and also current. Government should take this seriously and work it out as soon as possible.Women employees are very much disappointed in this issue as they are facing many problems to do their jobs. They are saying that they are in not in the state to afford a house for their living. They are asking to decrease the rents or build a low cost houses to them. Not even us, so many people are facing problems to afford a house. If we want to purchase a new house in the city. Single bedroom flat costs around 20 lakhs. Compared to this, hyderabad is far better .Nothing is done in amaravathi, but the rents and sale are matching with metropolis cities.Some women employees stated that there is no drinking water and toilet facilities are not provided. So how will  Andhra pradesh Capital Development Authority and government solve this problem is up to them.Even in thullur, undavalli ,people are facing a high problem in rent factor.Current cost is highly raised.Unit rate is hicked compared with the month March. G U N T U R & V I J A Y A W A D A people know’s the difficulty in living. Land values without any facilities are increasing. Builders and contractors are busy filling their accounts.

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