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Cyberabad is one of the leading IT hub in overall South India.It consists of companies of IT gaints like Google,Microsoft,Oracle etc.Our AP CM said that AP govt is working hard to set up four cyberabads in Andhra Pradesh to utilize the talent of AP youth.

He was credited with building of cyberabad also said that Fintech Valley in Vizag has the potential to be a IT hub with several companies setting units there.Similarly he said govt is promoting Amaravati,Ananthapur and Tirupathi as IT hubs.

“The government is keen to make these cities hubs of knowledge economy. We can do it because we managed to change the image of Hyderabad as a laidback city into one where the world’s largest IT companies have major operations,” Naidu said, after inaugurating the Tirupati facility of Zoho, an IT products developer. He said Hyderabad has become robust and happening city after he built Cyberabad. “Similarly, the four Cyberabads will change the face of Andhra Pradesh and capital Amaravati,” he thundered.

Nara lokesh minister for information technology and communications and rural development, said the government has come up with a designated technology park (DTP) policy to encourage IT companies to set up development centres in Visakhapatnam, Amaravati, Tirupati and Anantapur on a plug-and-play basis. He said the government is expecting to generate two lakh IT jobs by 2019.

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