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Amaravati on the bank of holy river Krishna was one of the oldest cities in India.Its oldest name is Dharanikota or Danyakatakam.It has its prominence in trade,architecture,sculpture,literature since ancient India.

Many famous kingdoms have ruled making Amaravati as capital.Oldest religion in India Buddhism prevailed in this Amaravati.

Amaravati antiqiuity date back to 5th century CE.According to Vajrayana buddhist traditional sources Gautama Buddha preached at Dharanikota and conducted Kalachakra ceremony.

Ashoka one of the greates ruler of India built a stupa and Monastry under Mauryan Empire.Amaravati school of architecture was one of the oldest and prominet universities in India.

It was the capital of Satavahanas who ruled Andhra from 2nd century BC to 3rd century AD.

Later Ikshvakus,Vishnukundis,Chalukyas has their control over this region.Kota kings and Kakatiyas had their control over Amaravathi during medieval period.Last ruler who has control over Amaravathi was Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu.

Amaravathi has diversified culture and has a most prominet history because of following reasons:

  • Amaralingeswara Swamy temple which is holy temple for Hindus.
  • Buddhist stupas and chaityas in Amaravathi tells us this is the main centre for Buddhism.
  • Later kings of Satavahanas also preached Jainism.

Hence this city is also known as Dhanyakatakam or City of Tolerance.

Amaravathi history is our own history and we are all a part of it.Our new capital was also Amaravathi which it never lost its significance since ancient period till now.

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