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Kotappakonda flooded with piligrims yestreday with chantings of Lord Shiva.Electric Prabhas stood as majot attraction in Carnival.Around 15 electric prabha came to Kotappakonda from 7 villages.This is the only place where the public spent cores of their own money for the one-day festival.

The locals of Appapuram,Purushottamapatnam,Yadlavallli,Kammavaripalem,Kavuru,Maddirala and Ameensahebpalem spent their own money on Religious processions from past 300 years.People from various states will appear to kotappakonda on this festival.

The locals said that Lord Siva will give education, knowledge, wealth, health and wisdom to the public if they bring the electric prabha to the Trikoteswara temple. Hence everybody without religion, caste and creed differences give money to the committee that takes up the prabha construction. They said that earlier dance recordings with cine and drama artistes used to be played on the chariots but due to regulations they were stopped.

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