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Akkineni Nagarjuna the most handsome Hero Is now Back In Business With ‘RajuGariGadhi’

The last movie ‘Om Namo Venkateshaya’was the most Disaster Movie Of 2017 as the movie rights was sold at 36 Crores But Inreturn The Movie has Not Even Collectes Atleast 10Crores So he has Gone To Depression About This matter And At Same Time Akhil Marriage Breakup Was Done So He Was Became More Depressed And Moved Away from Media Since Last 2 weeks 

Now He Is Getting Normal and getting Back To Form and he recently Twitted After 2 weeks – ” BACK IN BUSINESS WITH RAJUGARIGADHI-2 “Along with A Working Still and Nag Looks More Handsome In Recent Working Still and He Did not respond About Akhil Marriage Breakup Samantha Has Also Twitted Her Latest Working still From RajuGariGadhi-2

Now Nagarjuna and Sam are working Together in RajuGariGadhi-2


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