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The real Sankranthi is only found in villages and that too in the villages of krishna river delta is an eye feast.This year AP Tourism and development corporation is organising boat races in Nagayalanka along with help of local communities.This events received best response from the public.

Titled ‘Diviseema Sampradaya Padavala Potilu’, the two-day annual festival is being organised on the swirling waters of Krishna river at Nagayalanka from 13th January.

Villagers from Nagayalanka, Challapalli, Mopidevi, Avanigadda and from the island villages of Nachugunta, Eduru Mondu and Elachetla Dibba and other places thronged the river banks at Nagayalanka to enjoy the festival, in which about 25 teams from all over the State participated.

Besides, the government is conducting rangoli competitions, tug of war, sangeeta vibhavari, musical chair, folk dances and other competitions for the villagers during Sankranthi festival.

The village was decorated with ‘thoranams’ and whole sankranthi was reflecting here.The farmers decorated their bullock carts with different colors and decorated their oxen.Fisheries department arranged different stalls of different varities of fishes.

The winner of these boat races belongs to our Guntur district.Chenchu Lakshmana Rao’s team of Lankevennudibba bagged the first prize while Tammu Venkateswara Rao’s team of Pirata Lanka and Tummala Narendra’s team of Nagayalanka came second and third respectively.

Women rowers stole the show during the boat race held in river Krishna at Nagayalanka village in Krishna district, marking Sankranti celebrations.

Mirchi,palnadu was only not a part of guntur but the delta villages beside krishna near Repalle and it surroundings.Those villages offer beautiful scenaries gives the perfect feeling of village love.These boat races are promoted to evoke those emotions and to promote eco tourism in these beautiful areas.

It is our duty to give prominance to these villages as the true India and its traditions lie only here.

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