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Many of us are familiar with Chebrolu town, but many of us don’t know that Chebrolu is one of the major centers of our culture and Heritage.It was around 15 km from Guntur city on the way to Ponnur.

There was Chaturmukha Brahma Temple in che brolu which was very rare.This was the only temple for Brahma in Andhra Pradesh.This was built by Cholas some 1000 years ago according to the inscriptions in the temple.

There are total 101 temples here.These temples surround all directions.In Telugu, we call it as Ashtadikhbandanam.Two Shiva temples in East and west and Vishnu temples in North and south and Goddess temples on corners.There is a Rama temple and a Hanuman temple here.

Chebrolu was one of the major centers in history and it was even mentioned in some of the inscriptions in Vijayawada.

A place of such big importance and rich in heritage and culture was neglected by the government and now these temples are in a danger of extinction.Govt must take initiatives and take new measures for renewation of these temples and recognize Chebrolu as the heritage site.

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