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Makara sankranthi is the biggest festival for our Telugu people other than any festival.It is a 3 day festival and have many specialities in it.It is called festival of kites and mainly it is the festival of villages and also a festival of tasty special home food items.

India’s real wealth lie only in inside the villages.Farmers in villages are the backbone to the India.As there are advancement in technology everyone is forgetting our traditions.Only inside some parts of villages our culture is still striving hard to survive.Only sankranthi festival reflecting our culture as ‘kodipandelu’ in Andhra Pradesh and Jallikattu in Tamil nadu and other traditions in their own respective states.It is our duty not to forget the contribution of a farmer for feeding us and we have to remember him on this festival.Whenever a farmer lives happy then only the real development happens in our country.

There are even cosmic reasons for this sankranthi.The sun moves from Winter solistice(Dakshinayanam) to summer solistice(uttarayanam) which is a major cosmic change in the year which is celebrated as Makara sankranthi fixed by our ancient sages.

Hope Bhogi flame will burn all our sorrows and Sankranthi will shine prosperity in all our lives and Kanuma will grant riches to us.

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