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If there is a discussion about Spicy and hotness,our Guntur name will be major part of that discussion.Guntur was always famous for Hot and Spicy Chillies production and it is one of the leading producers of Chillies in India.

Guntur chillies exported to many foreign countries like Srilanka,Indonesia,China,USA,UK and Latin America.Guntur chillies constitite 30% of chillies exports of India.The main reason for the hotness of our chilly is due to the high level of CAPASAICIN in it.Capasaicin is the main element in the mirchi which creates the spicyness.The varying in level of capasaicin will change the color and spicyness of Chilli.It belongs to genus of Capsicum.

There are many varities of our Guntur chillies.334 chilli is the premium quality of export and TEJA chilli is one of the fine quality.Guntur Sannam is the most famous type among the chilis and has a huge demand throughout the world.Other Guntur Chilis are 273 Chilli Phatki, Indo-5, Ankur, Roshni, Bedki and Madhubala.

Andhra food is famous worldwide for its spicyness in it.Several andhra food items like Bongulo Chicken,Gunturu mansam,Guntur Chicken fry,Chepala pulusu,Natukodi pulusu are famous and spicy because of usage of guntur chilly in it.Andhra food is famous for its spicyness.No matter where you go if it is an Andhra food item it will be reddish in color because of our guntur mirchi only.Famous Guntur Chicken fry is famous taking our Guntur name in it is only because of our Mirchi.

One more important thing is Guntur mirchi yard is Asia’s largest mirchi yard placing our Guntur in top of Chillies.

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