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A young woman from Gudipati Cheruvu in Veldurthi mandal on Saturday gave birth to a stillborn in the middle of a road after being denied admission at Macherla Government Hospital in Guntur district.J Bodiaiah took his wife Tirupatamma to the hospital when her condition turned critical, but the administration refused to admit her claiming that there was no gynaecologist at the institute.

Bodaiah was asked to move her from Sirigiripadu Primary Health Centre, where she was undergoing treatment, as there weren’t enough facilities to look after her

Tirupatamma was taken to a private hospital in town when the government hospital refused to take her in, but doctors there too denied her admission saying her condition was critical, which forced the couple to return to the government hospital. They were then asked to go to Guntur Government Hospital, by which time the woman had already gone into labour. She gave birth on the road on route to the hospital.
Holding the hospital responsible for the stillbirth, Tirupatamma said the staff at Macherla Government Hospital had not only refused admission, but also asked her to go back to Sirigiripadu Primary Health Centre.

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