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In our Guntur many works are pending due to the negligence of Govt officials and collector.The officials failed to give loans to the deserved people from SC corporation.

The eligible people for the loan are wandering around SC corporation from months but still the officials are making them to come again and again by not answering them correctly.The officials showed their negligance in providing loans for eligible in 2016-17.Our collector Kona sasidhar was only limited to meetings and no necessary measures were taken to do justice to the eliginle people.

The situation did nt changed even after the meeting of officials with collector.The Cheif secretary of state ordered collectors to recogines eligible people and provide loans to them as soon as possible.

Even the underground works in Guntur city are still undergoing.These works are happeining in a very slow manner and the common people are suffering a lot with these works.The govt offcials can go in AC cars without experiencing the results of these works,but common people are suffering daily with these works and our collector did nt reviewing the works and these works are still in pending.Our sincere request from all the people of our Guntur,please complete the works as soon as possible and plzz provide the provisions to eligible people as their benefits without any negligence.

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