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Dhyana Buddha

When we visit Amaravathi. We visit Dhyana Buddha statue after visiting amaralingeswara swamy temple, It is a eye feast to visitors.While looking at the idol in amaravathi,we can feel peace and this is nothing but buddha’s power.Meditation gives you cosmic energy and keeps you away from doctors.Once experience meditation and from that you will suggest everyone to do so.Coming to amaravathi buddha statue.It  went years to construct this idol and at last managed to complete.Now after dividing the state into two,Amaravathi managed to get capital status and the craze for buddha statue gradually increased.Now tour buses are available from Guntur and Vijayawada.This tour contains a full trip of exploring museum’s and everything in guntur

This statue is the second tallest in India,measuring 125 feet, situated on the banks of the krishna river is boosting tourism in amaravathi. We all know that now tour buses are available from Guntur & Vijayawada. Once if any one experience meditation in Buddha’s ashram, will know the meaning of peace.Actual history of buddha can be found here,have a look’s 2560 Jayanthi is going to start from tomorrow.These celebrations will continue from 18 th May 2016 to 21 May 2016.Details of celebration as followFirst day-From 10 am,a movie about buddha’s history will take place in Kalachakra museum located opposite of Amaravathi bus stand.From Evening 6pm ,dance programs and other cultural activites will be held.Second day-Buddha vandanam will take place in Batiprolu statue,From evening ,cultural activities will be held in amaravathi followed by videos about Buddha.Third day-Buddha vandanam will take place in nagarjuna sagar,followed speeches by chief guests and other important persons,From evening “Buddham saranam gachami” will be chanted by everyone to keep everyone in peaceFourth day-A movie about amaravathi greatness,formation will take place in kalachakra museum located in amaravathi, followed speeches by important persons.

So friends, everyone are requested to attend without fail.

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