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  1. Cheif minister N Chandra babu Naidu launched a drone jointly manufactured by A.P innovative society and Omnipresent Robot tech.AP govt in collabaration with this govt started to manufacture drone and supply in the market at half price.These drones are named as ‘Amaravati drones’.

This drone can withstand 5 hrs and can carry a load of 1kg and can be used for many purposes.The drone now launched is used for roads checking and civic purposes.

“As government organisation, we do not take commission. Hence our rates are far less than the market price”, AP Innovation Society (APIS) CEO Valli Kumari Vatsavayi told Mirror. The APIS plans to manufacture 25 drones per month. “Our full-fledged commercial production will commence in March,” Valli said. Prices depend on the lens and accessories used and the range of its operation.

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