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We are excited that a shopping complex is under construction near Harihar mahal,Lakshmipuram But our excitement got to an end after a tragedy took place.Its 14th may evening, workers were doing their job to complete the work in time. All of a sudden, a compound wall collapsed on them and their were burried with mud on them.This left everyone to tears and no man force can’t help this situation to get normal.Everyone called police and help line.They were praying that no harm should happen to poor workers.Everyone are very angry on that builder and contractor who led this happen.Contractor should be very careful while giving precautions to his workers and the work should happen in a correct manner.We can say that it is a pure contractor mistake.How can he suggest to dig the mud near to a compound wall.While digging the mud, compound wall had no support to stand and it collapsed on eight workers who lost their life under the mud having no oxygen.

Tragedy in mall construction

People were worried about workers.Rescue teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) rushed to the location.They tried their level best ,but of no use.7 Among 8 left their lifes. Relatives of workers attacked police and Ravela kishore Babu(Minister of Social Welfare).Police had a tough time controlling the traffic and crowd.

Four were identified as A.C College students who live their life by earning money in construction field.Names were identified as Seshu, Bhagya Rao, Moshe, Solomon, Babloo, Sudhakar, and J. Prasanth who are from SC Colony at Gottipadu. I don’t know why god decides to take some people very fast

Mean while everyone shouted “Arrest the contractor and the builder”.Mean while police investigated the issue and confirmed that it was the mistake of contractor and the builder and arrested both of them .Ex-gratia – 20 lakhs will given to each victim’s parent.

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