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The cities Guntur and Vijayawada are experiencing rapid urbanisation and the number of vehicles is increasing every year.As a result the carbon content in air is also increaing.Electrical vehicles are introduced in order to replace the diesel cars to reduce pollution.

The govt is planning to replace all government vehicles with these electrical models in Amaravati.Already they are converting all the garbage collecting autos into electrical mode.There are around 25000 autos in guntur and vijayawada,if these all converted electrically in 5 years nearly 30 tonnes of carbon will not released in atmosphere.

The smog and dust content in Guntur and vijayawada is around 103.8mg to 115.3mg according to report of Pollution Control Board.The avg limit should not exceed 100mg.The reason for this is increasing the number of vehicles.

The electric bikes manufactured is going to be started in Nunna by Chandana corporation limited.THis was going to be set up in 63 acres with cost off 200crs.Only women is allowed to work from the CEO to lower cadre staff in this frim.Around 250 women are going to be employed.

The electrical cars are not only used for pollution control but also to save fuel for future.Moreover it costs Rs.2 per km in diesel carsbut it only costs 18ps per km in electrical vehicles.CM said that charging points are going to be constructed in order to travel long distances in these vehicles.Otherwise these vehicles are only limited to the cities.

There are many uses with these electrical mode vehicles.Green Capital dream is possible if every vehicle in city run through electrical mode.

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