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On April 5,1912 the worlds greatest ship TITANIC hit the ice berg and sank in the middle Atlantic ocean leaves a scar on hundreds of peoples lives.

The memories of Titanic never fade away from them.There were 2,224 passengers and crew members on board. While 1,514 perished, 710 survived the tragedy. Among those 710 passengers, four were from Guntur district.This family is the only family in Titanic from India.

Allen and Nellie Becker in Guntur, back, from right, third and fourth.

Allen Becker, an American Lutheran minister, was working in Guntur. He had come to India with his wife, Nellie E. Baumgardner, son Luther and daughter Ruth. Two children, Marion and Richard, were born to the couple while in India. Luther died in 1907. Richard, who was born in 1910, fell ill a couple of years later, which forced Nellie to return to the U.S. along with the children. Her husband was to join them later.

The family set out journey on march 7,1912 and reached London via Suez canal on April 5.They went to South Hampton and boarded Titanic and set a voyage to America.Then the disaster happened.Nellie with her daughter Ruth boarded on one lifeboat and her son Luther in another life boat.They both met in a rescue ship name Carpthia.Thus reunited, they reached New York on April 19 and later to Benton Harbor in Michigan eventually.

Ruth Becker last survivor

Though Nellie never returned to India, as Allen, her husband later joined the family in the U.S. in 1913. In many subsequent interviews, Ruth her son did mention the fading memories of Guntur and the missionary work that her father was engaged in.

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