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Heart Transplant

It means changing the heart from recently deceased donor to patient with End-stage Heart failure.This is the first heart transplant in Guntur Government Hospital and the operation got succeeded. This is the first transplant undergone in a government hospital in our State. A youth saved a man’s life and. Edukondalu form Svarnabharathi nagar ,who’s brain dead in an accident.Family of Edukondalu after knowing that their son won’t come back and decided to donate his organs. Edukondalu was under-going treatment in NRI Hospital,Chinakakani were he was confirmed brain Dead. As we know , patients in government hospital won’t have much money to undergo treatment, then how could they afford for Heart transplant which will cost in lakhs. Doctor’s in Guntur Government Hospital did not charge for the treatment,it means the operation is free of cost . Now bringing heart from NRI to GGH is the risky job . But if our A P Police keep concentration, it’s not a matter of time . Police came into field and handed over the traffic issue and cleared the way to ambulance from NRI to GGH. Ambulance arrived at Guntur Government Hospital in just 14 minutes. Cardiologist’s started the operation at 11.20 am today. Soon, operation raised with green signal

Coming to GGH, reputation of this hospital had vanished by the last incident took place months ago i.e New born baby  lost her life after bitten by rats.This left Guntur Government Hospital  into non-recoverable situation. But today , Guntur Government Hospital is the first Government hospital in our state in which heart transplant had done with free of cost. At last, Lets all thank edukondalu and his parents for saving 3 people. R I P Edukondalu . You are the hero who saved the life’s of no-hope patients even after your death.

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