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Yet another kidnap of a three year old boy created a senastion in Guntur. G.Revanth sai ,who is the son of a textile business man Sivashankar Rao,was kidnapped from the shop located in Patnam Bazar, which is in the area of Guntur city. Sivashankar Rao had two wifes and G.Revanth is managed by two wifes without any quarrel. He is maintaining two shopes which continues to do well. But all of sudden, Sivashankar Rao got a phone call from his wife that our son got kidnapped. He was shocked by hearing this news.

How did this kidnap happen?? Sarojini,first wife of Sivashankar Rao is maintaining one of the shops. One day, She was playing with G.Revanth sai in the shop. A man came to purchase night ware at Mid-afternoon. The stranger who came to purchase products is playing with Revanth sai, and she thought nothing negative about him. After purchasing material, He asked Sarojini to make bill . As per customer request ,she is busy with packing the purchases and billing the details. Suddenly ,she heard that her son G.revanth sai(three year old)  is crying. The man who came was taking revanth sai out. She warned him that to keep her son down. He smilled at her and said that madam, i am taking your son for a walk to make him stop crying. He slowly walked to his motor cycle ,seated the child and drove away. She alerted her assistants in the shop,they went searching him ,but it was to late to catch him.At last, Sarojini informed Siva shankar Rao(husband) and rushed to near by police station located in Lallapet. In investigation, Sarojini did not see that man any time before and they don’t even have grudge on anyone. Coming to Siva shankar rao , he has two daughters who were married and settled, a boy who died earlier in an accident.Police found the boy in the same night. He was abandoned in some place near Guntur without any one near him. After finding their boy , Siva shankar rao and his wife very were happy and appreciated the police work .Police said that within fewdays we will catch that culprit and make him speak the actual truth 


D.S.P Saritha after finding the boy offered milk at police station. She was very happy to find the boy within mean time and no harm was caused during his kidnap.






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