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A british national lodged a complaint in Indian Embassy that some policemen in Guntur harrassed and exorted money from us while we are attending a function in the town.

About 40 guests from England and Ireland came to Guntur a couple of weeks ago on their friend’s invitation.However, when they were all at the function, three cops arrived at the venue asking them to produce their passports and other documents. They reportedly asked them why such a large number of foreigners were sitting in one location and clicked their photographs. One of the guests lodged a complaint with the embassy through email.Three constables, Pradeep, Srinivas and Raviteja, were later suspended.

“Verification is the duty of our men. They usually ask the host to furnish the details of the guests. But, the visiting foreigners said they were approached by the cops. They felt upset about the approach of our men. I have asked my Guntur officials to verify who were the policemen visited the function venue and what transpired between the policemen and the foreigners”, told AP DGP M Malakondaiah.

As the govt is arranging public programs like ‘Athididevo Bhava’ for creating awareness to give respect to foreigners that visit our country,but still incidents like this question our country’s attitude.

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