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Pushkar Nagar to come up in Guntur. Location of this Nagar will arise in Gorantala which is located in Guntur city. 25 Acres of site beside to Hosannah Mandir is going to develop to provide pilgrims a destination for Krishna Pushkaram which is going to start this August 2016. Main reason for developing this Nagar is to provide pilgrims for their accommodation and transport facilities like rail,road services and also communication facilities.District administration is ready with their plans to provide safe services in Kirshna Pushkaram.


On Saturday, Municipal Commissioner and Collector kanital Dande inspected the project based on Pushkar Nagar. They also mentioned that every road in Guntur will be layered and also to extend. Beautification of roads and dividers will be completed before August. They also stated that Irrigation department had released 63 crores to start this Pushkar Nagar near tadepalli, Seetharamapuram and Amaravathi ghats project and later it will be given with a name called MODEL GHAT.Government released 50 crores to develop roads and beautification of dividers in Guntur. Naga Lakshmi inspected the ongoing works on the Amaravathi Road, JKC College road, Inner ring road, Ring road and Pattabhipuram Main Road. Commissioner asked G M C Personnel that transformers on road margins should be relocated and also to provide parking bays in Guntur.He also said, our municipal commissioner Naga Lakshmi had stated that Y- Junction at pedakakani and Manipuram Rail on the bridge will be modified.


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