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Maha shivaratri festival was celebrated in a grand scale in kotappakonda.A carnival was arranged in kotappakonda on that auspicious day.Electric light settings with great heights called ‘Electric Prabha’ are major highlight in this carnival.Electric Prabhas from all around villages of Palnadu will reach kotappakonda as a part of Carnival.


These light settings are decorated with variety of lights and different colors and they are made of huge heights.With the chantings of Hara Hara Mahadev these Prabhas will reach kotappakonda.People will arrange various cultural programes at their respective prabha.

85 feet electric prabha was made by maddirala village.Yadlavalli village is made their prabha with a cost of 3 lakhs.Kammavaripalem village made their 90 feet prabha.Ameensahebpalem erected their prabha  with a cost of 15 lakhs.

Kavuru village has 300 years history in making these prabhas.They are arranging wooden prabha since 300 years.They converted wooden into electrical prabha  in 1946.

The police arrange tight security to happen this carnival peacefully without any riots or clashes.Police released severe orders on who arranged illegal activities near those electric settings.

Arrangements were made to avoid any inconvenience to the piligrims.People from all over the state will visit kotappakonda  Mahashivatari so special busses are arranged and a special reservation counter was arranged.

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