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Our AP Govt is going celebrate this Christmas in our Guntur on grand scale on  December 23.Social welfare minister Nakka Anand babu along with officials inspected the works at Lutheran English Medium high school in Lodge centre.He said that our CM along with some christian missionary representatives are going to attend this celebrations.Our district collector Kona Sasidhar are taking all steps to make this event grand success.

As the December is month of Christmas here are some of the major churches in our Guntur.

1.Phirangipuram Church

This was the famous church in guntur district.It was built in Roman Catholic style.There was also infant jesus church here.

Oh the hill there was mary matha church.There are 1000 steps on hill to reach the church.’Konda meda panduga’ was celebrated every year a people of huge numbers will attend this festival.Beautiful scenaries on hill is additional bonus.

2.Sagaramatha Church,Nagarajuna Sagar

This was one of the famous church on the bank of river krishna.It is a beautiful place with holy environment.

3.St.Matthews Leutheran West Parish Church

Biggest church in Guntur.Located near Market besides Kothamas shopping mall.This stood as beauty of one-town.It architecture was wonderful.

4.St.Matthews North Parish Church

Located in 2 town.One of the best churches in Guntur with holy environment.

5.Agnes Church

Located in AC College road.Under this church a school and hospital was there.This was constructed by British.

6.Kakani Thotha

Located on NH 16 in Pedakakani.This church was very famous.This was the most busiest place on Monday.On Monday people all over from Guntur go to this church.

This Christmas make a plan and visit all these churches.


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