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Kidnappers tension in Guntur is gradually increasing day by day. More kidnap cases entered into the books of the police. Now coming to this case, At taller in Phirangipuram Mandal, Bastards killed a 12-year-old boy named Nannam Yaditya Raju. Raju was studying 6th class .one day Raju is playing with his friends at Brodipet. Mother of Raju(Jaya Kumari) thought that he was enjoying with his friends. But, a phone call converted her happiness into ashes. The kidnapper’s called Jayakumari and demanded 15 lakhs to release her son. Jayakumari got tensed by hearing the voice of kidnapper. She rushed to the nearest police station  and informed them. FIR was booked and investigation went on, Jayakumari received another phone call from kidnappers warned her to not to intimate police. Jayakumari’s husband was dead four years ago and after that, she maintained a tailor shop to survive her family like his husband did. On May 16th, she received another phone call demanding her leave 2 lakhs cash in tummalacheruvu by travelling in macherla passenger train.

The family of the victim did whatever the kidnapper’s ordered them to do. But the bastards had no concern for them and killed her son and left the body in a pond near a village.But family members of Nannam Aditya Raju did not intimate that they gave two lakhs cash to kidnapper’s, said police. After a search of the police, they confirmed that Raju was dead and he was left in a pond near a village. After hearing that her son won’t return and play with her, she was collapsed with sad. A mother’s love can’t be measured with anyone. She doesn’t forget even if you forget her. Don’t leave your parents in old age home. Take care of them like they treated you. They behave like a child when they get old. But remember, when you were a child, how did they treat you.

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