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Farmer suicides became a dialy news article for everyone.There is no news without a single case of farmer suicide everyday.Yesterday a farmer named Samineni Narasimharao(45) committed suicide by drinking pesticide in Uppalapadu.

As per the villager’s story Narasimha rao had 3 acres of land and he took another 10 acres of land as a tenant.He grew mirchi last year and there is no better salebility price he is in debt of around 15 lakhs.This year he grew mirchi and cotton.Because of pest attacks yield is not upto the mark.So he drank pesticide in early morning 3 AM in nearby temple.

He has two daughters and one son.Government should give compensation to the family.

The reason for this suicides are lack of innovation and usage of technology by farmers.Government failing to prevent these suicides by providing them better MSPs.Unless transparent measures in agriculture by government there is no stopping of these suicides.The govt should control the money lenders.

We the people dont need the dreams of glass doors of high skyscrapers.We just need a little smile on every farmer face.

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