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It was pleasant day for them and they are not aware of what an old paint box will do to them.In Kolanukonda village,Tadepalli Mandal of Guntur district in the house of G Naga Raju,he tried to open a 20 litre old paint can in which the chemical substances reacted inisde it as it was very old,caused a blast with fire in which his son was killed there and he and his wife Bhanu and his mother Nagamani severely injured.They were taken to government hospital in vijayawada.

As per the police’s primary report, there was no gelatin or any other blasting material in the box. It was an old paint box with some leftover paint in the box. The police suspect that Nagaraju may have tried to open the can violently and the blast may have occurred due to friction. Nagaraju’s condition is serious and he may lose an eye, hand and a leg, doctor said. His wife is stable while his mother condition is better.

No one knows what will happens next minute.Stay aware of old chemical substance,and keep children distant from any chemical substances.

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