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Every year sankranthi is the main season for movies.Every year min 6 movies will hit the box office during sankranthi season.Last year we witnessed the mega nandamuri clash with Khaidhi 150 vs GPSK.

This time for 2018 sankranthi Power Star declared release date of Agnyaathavasi that is january 10th,2018 much before the two months reserving a place.

Later many movies got postponed from sankranthi.But only Balayya coming as Jai Simha for this sankranthi  january 14th,2018.So we are again going to witness Mega Nandamuri clash.

Ravi Teja’s Touch chesi chudu postponed to jan 25 and Surya’s Gang was also postponed.So this year only two big movies AGNYAATHAVASI and JAI SIMHA are coming this Sankranthi.Hope both movies will be a feast to both fans and do good at box office.

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