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On dec 16th,2012 a barbaric incident happened which made the entire nation to feel.The press has no right to publish victim name she was called as Nirbhaya which means fearless.Nirbhaya a physiotherapic student of our national capital New Delhi travelling in a bus along with 5 men and a driver.She has beaten brutally and raped by 6 men including driver.After she was beaten and raped she and her friend has thrown outside on road by them.She was raped in such a horrible way that she died during her treatment.

The victim had undergone many surgeries and finally she was taken to singapore for treatment and there she died.Her death was wakeup call to the entire nation.Students and youth all over the country started protests for justice to Nirbhaya.

Six men were and arrested along with the driver.One persin died in the prison.4 others were sentenced to death by hanging.And another juvenile who was less than 18 years was imprisoned 3 years.Many demands occured to change the juvenile law after this incident.

Nirbhaya act was passed and several laws protecting women came into vogue.But still we are listening and watching rape cases dialy.Even little children who are less than 5 years are also being raped then how can we say that women in India are safe.If there is no security for women in national capital how can they protect all the women in the country.

Change in the government alone is not enough.The change in the people’s attitude is essential.One should have a matured mind not to see women as only a sex object.Poor literacy,orthodox customs,lack of good governance and many other reasons which are responsible for these rapes.Unless there is a change in indian men’s mindset these rapes cannot be stopped.

Our India is compared to a women ‘Bharathmatha’.If there is no security to women here we have no right to call our India as Bharathmatha.


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